Gorgeous candles!

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all!

If you remember, back in July I got some candles for munchkins teacher as an end of the year present. You can see pictures of them here.

Ever since then I have wanted to get some for myself and I finally did. I love them so much I just had to share them here!

Gorgeous aren’t they??!
Now you would have thought these candles are pretty unmissable. Especially since I put them in front of our TV.
My hubby comes home from work and settles down to watch a bit of TV.
Did he notice the candles??
Hell no! 
Not until I specifically asked him if he had noticed anything new. Then he looked around the room and finally his gaze settled on the candles.


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  • Hey Foz!
    Wow, MashaAllah, I love them! The designs are so unique, love it…=)
    Lol about the "men" thing. So true!
    oh..btw, I've got an art blog, I would like you to join if you want: http://www.blackpearlart.blogspot.com/

    I've got some arab style decorated candle covers, and faynoos, its nice to put it up in Ramadan, makes the atmosphere warm =)

    Take care !

  • Love them! Definitely some to have home, where do you buy them?
    Have a great Monday Foz.xo

    PS: Men always have a hard time seeing something new. You have to say it to them so they start opening their eyes. Sometime I think it's quite funny to look at them looking around wondering what is the big change!!

  • @Inspiring Always, I paid £25 for these ones

    @Black Pearl! InshAllah will join your new blog

    @Marie, there is a lady on Facebook who does them. They also sell in a shop in her area, she is looking to set up a website. Have a lovely week x