That feeling of missing something in your life.

Do you ever feel unsatisfied? 
Like something is missing from your life?
I don’t know why but I have been getting that feeling a lot.
Don’t get me wrong. I know I am lucky in that I have a roof over my head, have a darling daughter and husband. I have a job which although stressful is a job which can be very satisfying at times – I was recently meant to attend a benefits tribunal hearing but they made a decision before the hearing based on the submission I had sent, so didn’t have to attend! Gave myself a pat on the back with that one!
But sometimes I sit and think is this it? Is this my life?
I go to work, do the school run, come home and cook and clean. And then do it all again the next day.
What am I missing?
Sometimes I think maybe it is my friends. If I am honest I don’t have many (if any) friends in my home city. My close friends from uni are dotted all over the country.
Sometimes I think I want to do more with my life……..But what?
Have you ever felt like this? And how did you snap out of it?

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  • Oh I feel like this all the time and rather often think what if I had made different choices in the past etc.. But I can't change what is in the past or present but I can change the future and I do have lots ideas of what I want..

  • We all get this feeling now and then because we feel that we are not living to our best potential. You're not alone in this, Foz.

    One trick I've learned from my Journaling Challenge recently is to write down your thoughts. For example, you say that you feel unsatisfied with your routine life, everyday doing the same things, etc. You can use pen and paper or do it on the computer (or even blog about it!) — write out what you can do to make your life more exciting or meaningful. Perhaps, go on a date with your husband and get a babysitter to look after your munchkin, etc. etc. etc. Just write it out or blog it out to squeeze out your frustration or whatever until you can see clearly what is it you want to do with your life.

    Sometimes, having everything in our head is hard to see but once you write it down, things can be seen more clearly.

    Well, this is my method. You can give it a try!

    In the meantime, take care and stay well.

  • Foz I know sometime, even though we know we have it all, our lives seem meaningless. I think it's normal. There is something higher, something more to it but it takes a lifetime to get there.

    I would too write my thoughts down, what you want to change, what experience can be added to the every day routine, but because writing is the best way I can express myself.
    Or take some time during the day, even 10-15 minutes to concentrate on what makes sense to you, 10-15 minutes in silence to find peace inside you. As my therapist used to say – find a place inside you where you know you can come back always when you feel overwhelmed or confused.

    Take care Foz. Keeping you in my prayers. xo

  • Assalamu Alaykum Foz,

    SubhanAllah, I feel like that sometimes…Emptiness, it's really a strange year, I've been having so many ups and downs these past 2 years… I feel like something soon is about to happen. Allahu Alam. May Allah ease your trials, ameen. Insha'Allah try to fight it. I think the problem is we should think more about our end, our goal…because this life is emptiness, and you can only fulfill it with love and worship, thinking of Allah always fills our hearts, no wonder why so many people are reverting to Islam they are finding satisfaction in this religion, this is why everyone's raging on muslims…I try to remind myself of some things too, but yes we still need someone to talk too. Take care

  • Salaam dear sister in Islam,

    That's a great point and of course we need to ponder on. As a Muslima, I often feel that I do not contribute much into Islam or as if I am missing the Da'wa activities in Islam. As I have been gifted with numerous blessings from Allah, in this world, have I been thankful enough for this?

    At times, I feel that I am missing my beloved friends, extended family, loving grand parents etc…:)

    Thank you for such a lovely post!

  • I think, you could say it to Allah, sit on your prayer mat in the night, and pour your heart out, He listens. And if you Ask Allah to show you the path that you are looking for, im sure Allah will show you that path.
    I have found it helps to attend islamic talk/class at least once a week, or taking up a course – why not learn arabic to help understand the quraan, and aim to master arabic, and then u can teach it – how can ones life possibly feel empty when you are on the path of learning and knowledge? 🙂 hope that helps

  • Thank you for your comments and prayers.

    I will try the suggestion of writing things down.

    And for those of you also facing trials, I pray that you get through them also InshAllah! x

    Welcome Feel Islam to my blog 🙂

  • i feel sad sometimes and feel unhappy i pretend i am happy when i m at work i just put an fake smile at others life is not easy life is extremely hard work do it again and again life naturalley will get sick of it and life my dear sisters and brothers life wants comfort life wants easy life i swear to ALLAH names sometimes i wished i ve never came in this damn world that Allah the most high put us through because is hard the only way i believe is wealth can make life very very easy and very comfortable you dont ever have to work you can really enjoy life i mean real enjoyments no financial worries you can get what you want in your life and the most important thing is when i feel tired going to work and coming from work and dealing with diffculit people that give us hard time at work place life will not like that sometimes i wished i had millions of dollars that will bring real comfort in life going on expensive yahct living an exotic life and ecotic cars and living the real good life and living in warm hot places in the beach where u ever never have to deal snow or work just living like paradise beause the prophet said the disbelievers they get paradise in this life maybe if we had that kind of wealth that rich people have than maybe life will me better and ease life of ease is what life wants so money is everything to my problems because i dont ever have to struggle in life with little money that i m earning to survive like an animal and paying bills my point is money is everyting period i am a muslim and i am not happy with life beacuse life sometimes will feel empty and quiet because life wants ease easy life not wake up every day and work

  • @Anon, I apologise, I was meant to come back to your comment but forgot.

    I sympathize with you but you shouldn't wish you had never come into this life. We all have very bad days but we have to try to stay positive. x

  • I bring this perspective: maybe what you're missing is the love of Jesus. You know of Him…but so not trust in Him. The father may be calling you to accept His son as your savior. It is not about the works, for all fall short of the glory of God…but by His love we are saved through the grace of God by the payment through Jesus Christ. I pray that my message is received, and assure you He can fill that empty space in your heart.

  • Assalamu'alaikum Sis

    I know what you're going through i feel the same way, and what your soul is yearning for is Allah; if we were to submit fully to Allah then we would feel content. If you look to the stories of the prophet's and the sahabas and many of the people from the past you will see that they felt so much satisfcation from this duniya because they were content with their Qadr and knew this world is just but a mere test and Allah does not bear a soul more than they can bear. The only time they felt emptiness due to yearning to be closer to the prophet (saw) and in the time of Jahiliyyah.

    Don't be sad sister you have more than what most of the world has, Allah has blessed you with so much SubhanAllah and now the next step for you is to seek closeness to Allah because it is mankind's natural fitr which is contained inside all of us, we feel this way when we are far from Allah.

    I swear sister Wallahi once you gain closeness to Allah you will feel incredibley satisfied for this is just the yearning of your soul and the natural state in which it was created.The prophets and people of the past didn't have much but they had that closeness to Allah and from there own testimonies, they have said 'Allah is enough'

    examples include:

    when Musa (as) lead his people out of Egypt and with the army of Pharaoh behind him and the sea in front of he has strong conviction in Allah and this lead to the sea splitting in 2.

    When Ibraheem (as) was thrown into the fire by his community he said 'Allah is enough for me'

    These are people we need to take heed from they are in the Qur'an to teach us and to help us, Indeed Allah is All-knowing and All-wise and he has given the answers to our questions in the Qur'an and sunnah.

    In Sha Allah you will feel better soon, late reply i know i only found this today. Please make dua for me sis.

    Jazakillahu Khairan