Loss of respect for parents.

You know what?
Growing old scares me.
It scares me as I worry about how my child(ren) will treat me when I am older. 
So much so that I am actually content just having the one child.  
I did a post about looking after parents in old age here. 
I find society these days pretty odd. Where has the respect for parents gone? 
Take my neighbour for example. She is a bit of a battle axe for sure, but I feel so sorry for her. Her daughters rarely visit her and she will be alone at Christmas. If we celebrated Christmas I would have invited her round to ours.
And today I discovered something which got me thinking and to be honest quite depressed.
I learnt of a couple that earn approximately £50k a year. She has her parents living with her. The father was working but now on sick pay. She takes £70 a week rent from them. From her parents.
I had a hard job not letting my disgust show.
I wouldn’t dream of taking money from my parents, especially if that was our household income…£50k. Even if he was working and not on benefits I wouldn’t expect them to pay – I owe them one for simply being my parents.
Our parents gave birth to us, looked after us by having sleepless nights and cleaning stinking nappies, nurtured us…… and then we make them pay rent like some common tenant.
To me that sucks.


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  • That is truly shocking.

    I have to agree with you, there is no respect for anyone these days, not just parents sadly. I don't know what the answer is.

  • That's really depressing. I'd hate for my child(ren?) to one day treat me with contempt or not to care. It doesn't fill me with fear though as I hope I am raising my daughter to be filled with honour, respect and love.
    I will care for my parents in any way I can if they ever need it because without them there would be no me and I literally owe them my life. I hope this message will be passed down to my future generations too.

  • that is sad that they charge rent, but some parents can be quite nasty. true, my mum did give birth to me, but she resented having me and treated me very badly growing up. i don't talk to her now and honestly i feel it is the best thing to do as i now have my own child and need to be a good mum to him.

  • I think it depends on the parents you have obviously.
    But when I see the way my aunts treat my grandma, I feel a pain in my stomach. She maybe didn't do everything good but she is still there for them, no matter what, ready to help them, even at 88 years old. What she receives in return is only a visit for Christmas and birthdays to get the money she save for every one of her children, grandchildren and grand grandchildren. It makes us all sad and my dad tries to always be nice with them, because he knows for my grandma it means the world to know her children are not hating each other.
    So yes respect from early age till the end.
    Take care Foz. xo

  • @Livi: sadly I dont think there is an answer.

    @Tinuke I hope I am bringing my munchkin in the correct way. But I have also sadly seen kids being brought up with love and respect and then get in with the 'wrong' crowd and thats it

    @Aisha: True, it can depend on the parents. I guess if the parents dont care and treat the kids badly then it will be hard for the kids to respect their parents.

    @Marie Good on your dad for trying to be nice. Your grandma sounds lovely. x