Time to get fit in the new year.

My mission for the last 5 years has been to get fit.
Yes you read that right – 5 years.
Well pretty much since I gave birth to munchkin in 2006. 
I put on a bit of weight which I never lost and I turned into this unfit thing which rarely walks and is quite content to sit around munching away on chocolates and junk food. (Even though that probably makes me sound like I am obese, I promise you I am not). Christmas time is also bad for my chocolate intake because everywhere I go at work there are chocolates and biscuits tempting me at every corner.
I start off with good intentions. I joined another bloggers Fitness Friday which I stuck with for about a month or two. I invested in the Wii fit which is gathering dust. I even brought a bollywood fitness DVD. That had me laughing so much I couldn’t exercise to it so that is also gathering dust somewhere. I got a exercise bike and a cross trainer which are now rusting away in the garage. 
My excuse?
I don’t have the correct footwear or clothing. I can’t imagine myself exercising in my Shalwar Kameez! (Asian dress). Yes I know, pretty pathetic excuse.
So I was quite excited to learn about Next launching a new range in time for Spring 2012, ‘Davina for Next’.
Davina for Next provides the ultimate workout and post work-out clothing along with a range of innovative everyday shoes which feature dual density technology to reduce stress on joints. The range addresses every active pursuit, from aerobics to running, from power lifting to pilates.
My particular favourite has to be the trainers, I really need to invest in a pair of trainers as it may just give me the motivation to get exercising (well I won’t be able to use it as a excuse anymore that I don’t have the correct footwear!!)  

The trainers are designed to exert 25% less pressure on the ball of the foot.

Sounds great!

Davina For Next promises to shake up what any woman wears before, during, and after her workout. Her comfort and style are assured as she gets into great shape!Photobucket

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  • Salaam alaykum,

    Shalwar kameez is also possible for work out but I understand you want something more comfortable.

    Insha'Allah if you buy the things they will not gather dust.