Sex education at 8 years old?

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi All!

Ever since reading this article I have been sharing it and discussing it with both muslim and non muslim parents. The general consensus is that they do not agree with it. 
The camera pans to the bedroom. Soon, a computer-generated image of a naked man and woman appear on my screen. 
They begin to chase each other around the room; she tickles him flirtatiously with a feather; he responds by hitting her with a pillow. 
They start to kiss and caress. The next moment they leap onto the sheets and begin having sex in a variety of different sexual positions.
The voiceover informs us: ‘The man’s penis slides inside the woman’s vagina. It’s very exciting for both of them.’

Now does this sound like something you would want your child to see? 

Your 8 year old child?

I certainly would not want my munchkin to see this in just 3 years time.
I vaguely remember my parents pulling me out of sex education at junior school and at that time I did not understand. Now I do.
Now I am no prude. I realise that my child does need to learn about the birds and the bees. But is it not my choice as a parent when she learns about it? Is it not my choice HOW she should learn about it? I certainly do not want her to watch what sounds like an x-rated movie!!
At the end of the day why does an 8 year old need to be taught this anyway? Why does their innocence need to be taken away??
Casual sex has become the norm in western culture and even in some eastern countries, so that is why some people think it is fine to show this perverse video to their kids. But then some parents think it is funny when their 3 year old child chases after another child to try to snog them. Parents think it is ok to put their young girls in sexy clothes and give them make up parties at young ages. Parents think it is ok to give their young child alcohol because it is a special occasion.   
Why wait till this video is shown at school? May as well go and get a porn video and allow them to watch that. 
What are your thoughts?
Disclaimer: I do realise that not all parents are like the ones I have described at the end of my post!


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  • Assalamu Aleykum,

    This type of sex education at 8 is a no no for me.I want to be the one who will give islamic informations on the hows and whys in an islamic perspective, between the islamic boundaries of marriage.Here in France, 15 years old young girls can get tablets prescription from school nurses without their parents being informed.
    Children are children and shouldn't be exposed to sexually explicit material at all and parents should be the ones deciding how and when to teach them about these things, according to their own believes and values.
    My son is 10 and some kids at school already "date" and have "girlfriends" subhanALLAH.I always warn himagainst close contacts with girls and always reminds him that babies are to me made once you're married.I always tell him the only girl he'll be allowed to date will be his wife after marriage lol.

  • wa'alaykum assaalam,
    Yes SubhanAllah. The World is mad. If I had a child I would definitely not make him or her watch these kinds of things. No wonder why children have it at young ages… Thank God our religion strongly purifies us….

  • I read the article and I totally agree with you. It is just unbelievable. Children rights to a decent childhood should be respected. Now at 10, girls look like little women, wear clothes I would never dream of having and already think about having a boyfriend.
    I am amazed, there is enough violent and sexual images everywhere you go, we should always keep in mind that our role is to protect them & not expose them to things that are even shocking for us.

  • I completely agree with you, this is highly inappropriate for children of any age. Teach them the science of reproduction in biology class as a part of the science curriculum, but don't demonstrate what to do and how to do it!

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  • Being mom to a girl child, growing her up in the west (though it may not be for long time), I can totally read your mind through this post..

    It is a fact that we need to teach them about 'reproduction' and about their secret parts in the body, for their understanding and self defense, but the video idea sounds absolutely crap!! Are these people going nuts.. grrr?