So alot of us moan about the NHS (national health service) and with all the cuts that are happening I can just see the service getting worse.
However, when I recently went to Pakistan I realised that we should be grateful that we at least have a service.
I went to see a female doctor while we were abroad. Because it was an all female environment the Doctor seemed to think it was ok to just give people their results in front of others, there was even a lady in the waiting room getting an injection in her bum! (I didn’t know where to look!)
So while I was waiting to be publicly told my results, I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on others prognosis’s.
One of the patients sister had been called into the room. She was told that they had found cancer and to not tell her sister just yet but to return in 5 days for the official results. One of the first things that was asked was how much is the treatment going to cost?
Not is she going to get better but how much is it going to cost.
The reality there is you need money for most treatments. If you haven’t got money…well you just suffer. You have to pay for all medication –  you don’t just pay one prescription price but pay for each individual medicine.
Obviously I do not know what happened to this woman but there are some cancer hospitals now available (charities) who can help people with cancer. I hope she managed to get some help.Photobucket

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  • I think we understand the chance we have when we start looking around and see others don't have half what we have.

    In France where we are lucky to have everything, most of treatments are reimbursed fully, hospitals have welcoming rooms and enough people to look after you, we are always in the streets criticising the system.
    In other parts of the world, some people are still dying for a bad cough not cured.

    I hope this woman did find a place where she can receive the treatment she needs and at a cost she could afford. Will keep her in my prayers.
    Take care Foz and have a lovely day!