Sometimes I really wish I had the time to homeschool

I am a bit annoyed today. No scrap that. I am seriously annoyed today.
At what you may ask.
The school.
I am fed up with them. 
I feel like they are not teaching the kids what they should…or maybe I am just old fashioned in the way I think kids should be taught?
We had a letter a few weeks back about the children having to take part in a drama festival being held at the school. Munchkins class have to memorise a poem to say at the festival. This poem:
Not once did they ask the parents permission as to whether we want our children to take part. And get this; the festival will be held on a weekend. So not only are they wasting time in lessons and at home having to learn this nonsense, we then have to take them to school on a weekend. I think I would be well within my rights to go and say the weekend is MY time with the child. They stamp on you if you take your child out of school during term time so how dare they take away my weekend with my child without even asking me first if it is ok?!
Now usually I wouldn’t be moaning so much. But I feel like they are teaching them utter nonsense at school. I did a post about them teaching poems before which you can read here.
And I am fed up because her reading book has not been changed for 2 weeks. I had to put in her book that she was ready for the next level because she was finding the books so easy. Well when are they going to get the time to listen to the children read when they are worrying about the festival????
They are wasting time on useless unnecessary stuff. Munchkin is getting concerned because she is struggling to learn the poem. I am now going to have to waste my weekend teaching her this so she doesn’t feel stupid if she doesn’t know it.


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  • I so feel this way too. I would so rather go with the child's strengths in interests.
    I wish that I had the patience to home school, but deep down, I just know I don't have it.
    Hope all is well in your world Foz.

  • Yeah I am not sure I would have the patience too but if I had the time I think I would have a go at it!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog x