Outfits from Pakistan

Yes I know I went to Pakistan back in October but I am only getting round to sharing some of the outfits I got for munchkin now!

One thing I love about going to Pakistan (well really the only thing I like) is the shopping. I always wear traditional Pakistani dress, Shalwar Kameez, – the only time I wore western clothes was at uni . So when we go to Pakistan I stock up on clothes, especially for munchkin. For myself I usually get material and get the outfits sewn.

For munchkin I wanted to get some really nice outfits. I’m not really into fashion myself so I don’t need designer outfits and in all honesty I think designer items are a waste of money for kids because they grow out of clothes so quickly. Here’s some I found in the market for her:

We had to have at least one that was pink!!

This one was available in pink too but didn’t want too many pink ones!
This black one is my particular favourite.
My father in law gave me some money on Eid so I had to go out and buy myself another outfit! Here’s one I got myself:


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  • They are beautiful! Lucky you. I would love to go clothes shopping in Pakistan (and bangle/jewellery shopping). Next time you go I may have to give you some money to get Belle one similar to the first 2 🙂

  • @Amelia, hope you find some nice ones soon!

    @Carly, Will let you know next time I go…you would love it if you ever went. There are some lovely boutiques there. The ones for munchkin work out to be less than £20 each and they are really good quality too. I didn't buy any bangles this time, got quite a few last time and still haven't worn them!

  • Love the dark one too………….lovely you could get these nice clothes. I have to say I enjoyed too shopping in Egypt, It was easy,relaxing and I found things I love to wear and could never find here. I need to buy more next time!
    Have a good day Foz. xo

  • Assalamu Aleykum dear sister,

    I love all of them.Basically I've become a huge Shalwar Kamees fan since I went to Pakistan.It's like a fever that has taken over me and I don't seem to get rid of it lol.When I was in UK with my husband, I used to stop by every asian shop and would just stare at the Shlawar Kamees for hours lol.My husband doesn't like it too much and he keeps telling me I'm more cultural than him lol.

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