Week 10 – Pregnancy Update

I am now in week 10 of my pregnancy alhamdulillah. I have decided I will do a weekly update on a Saturday, but only if there is something to actually update you with. I don’t want to bore you all senseless with my pregnancy posts!
This week not much is happening. I had my blood test on Wednesday. (She did have a bit of bother finding my veins but managed to get the blood out on the first go!) I got a text on Tuesday saying an appointment had been booked for Wednesday at 12pm. She apologised for giving me less than 24 hours notice and said because we thought you lived down the road it would be ok. Yes I do only live down the road but I work in the city centre. Luckily I had no clients booked in that day and just had to walk out halfway through a meeting which the boss was ok about. 
I know I have a right to paid time off work for appointments but because I finish at work at 3pm I am trying to ensure all my appointments are around 4pm. I don’t want to take off more time than is necessary.
So my next update will probably be after I have had my appointment with the diabetes team. I have been booked in with them on the 12th March. However, if my blood tests show my sugar levels are high  then they will fit me in sooner.

I am still waiting to get a scan date.

I myself am feeling fine alhamdulillah. The tiredness is no longer as bad and I am  beginning to feel a bit more normal now – apart from my belly slowly getting bigger! (My mum kindly said my bum is getting bigger – thanks mum!!)Photobucket

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