School Trip

Firstly let me apologise for my absence the last few days.

I have been on FB and Twitter but that is through my Iphone. I have not switched on the laptop much so haven’t been reading all your blog posts and commenting so apologies if I have missed anything important.

 (Pic from the museums website)     

On Wednesday, munchkin went on a school trip to the National History Museum in London. She has been on school trips before but they have been local. This is the first time she went long distance. And I am not ashamed to admit I was nervous. I don’t know if it was because I am generally more hormonal anyway but I was getting so emotional.

We were waiting in the queue at the school so that she could sign in and I actually felt like crying! Yes I am crazy! My little baby is growing up and going to London on her own! (Ok maybe not on her own as there was a whole lot of teachers and parent helpers going too! But you know what I mean.)

The excitement on the littles ones faces as they saw the coaches pull up was a joy to see. Although there was one little girl who looked very anxious and I think she was sick before the coaches even left!!

Munchkin was really excited. As soon as she was signed up and taken over to her group she totally forgot about me and was jumping around with her friends. So excited she almost left her lunch behind and I had to call her back to get it.

I then waited to see her board the coach and leave, getting even more emotional as time went on. I just have to blame it on my hormones as I almost turned into a blubbering wreck and that is not normal for me!! But I held it together.

I couldn’t concentrate all day and kept wondering what she was doing and if they had got to the museum safely. Even her dad was thinking about her as he phoned me at work to ask if she got off ok. He rarely phones me at work, only if it is an emergency. He then phoned me at the end of the day to check she had got home safely!

So it wasn’t just me being overprotective and being a worrier!!


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  • I remember when I used to go on school trips, my mum would always worry (way too much I thought)……but to be true now I feel I would worry as much as her!
    It's human Foz.