Sending sick children to school


I had to do it today.
Something I said I would never do.
But I felt pressurized into doing it.
I turned into one of those parents who annoy the life out of me.
I sent my child to school when she was not fully fit.
And I felt rotten about it all day. So much so that I almost cried when I left her as she looked totally miserable.
I had to do it because of the COW of the attendance officer at the school. I think she doesn’t like me as I took munchkin out of school for 2 weeks without permission in October.
Now every time munchkin is sick I am sure she thinks I am lying. I have done a post about this before here.
Munchkin was ill just less than 2 weeks ago and spent 3 days off school. They would have definitely thought I was lying if I hadn’t sent her today as she has gotten sick again so quickly.
She was fine Saturday but before bed she said she wasn’t feeling well. I heard her moaning during the night and at 4am noticed she was burning up so gave her some medication. In the morning her temp was 40.1C. She spent all day Sunday in bed and hardly ate anything. But I managed to get her temperature down.
This morning her temperature had come down but she looked so miserable. I managed to get some breakfast down her and got her ready for school. I told her if she doesn’t feel well to tell the teacher. I even told the teacher that she hasn’t been well but I felt I had to send her due to the attendance officer hassling me. My thinking was that they would see she was not well and send her home.
She came out of school looking worse. Anyone could see she wasn’t well. WHY did they not ring me?? Why FORCE a child to get through the day due to their stupid attendance rules and it will make them look bad if attendance is low.
I have now given her some more medication and she’s lying on the sofa sapped of energy.
I am not happy.
I now stick my fingers up to the attendance rates rule at the school. So call me in to question me when my child’s attendance drops below 85%. I am ready for you.


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  • You know what, I say up theirs. Your childs health is far more important than their silly rules!! And the attendance officer is just clearly a stuck up bag! x

  • I know the fear. You are not the only one. It is so wrong that the parent feels threatened into sending their child to a place which is meant to be nurturing, caring and educational. It is all upside down.

    Your relationship with your child is for life, that with the school is for a maximum of a few years assuming you do not move house. There is no comparison.

    Is there a much more friendly and nurturing school within reach? When something doesn't feel right with a school act on it. I wish I had listened to my gut instinct. Why miss out on time at a lovely school by staying at one which upsets you?

  • We are thinking to move house this year so will wait before I do anything until I know for definite if we are moving – don't want to put her in a new school and then potentially have to move her again.

    But you are right, changing schools may be the only option.

  • I can imagine how restless and worried you might have felt since I have seen my mom worry for me that way too. I do feel that in today's world, the over emphasis on having a perfect record has burdened even the little kids.

    Well wishes to you Foz!

  • My thoughts are with you. I always keep my kids off school when they are poorly, last year my daughter was off for over a week, went to school for 2 days and ended up off school again. Out of my 3 kids I am nearly always having one of them home off poorly every few weeks. I have been lucky as I have never had anyone from the school contact me about their attendance – and I hope I never have to deal with them!

  • Waow I can't believe it subhanallah.. The reason she is sick often is
    they don't care if children are sick or not, and just force all
    of them to meet up, so it end up with infecting each other..

  • Assalamu Alaykum Foz, I hope you are doing fine, insha'Allah. I hope you saw my message in my blog before I closed it. 🙂 if not please send me your email if you want to know the reason…Alhamdulillah, just as long as you are okay.
    May Allah be with you,
    Take care

  • wa alaikum aslaam sis!

    No I didnt get to read your message before you deleted the blog. My email is on the contact page. Hope you are ok x

  • I agree, all the school is worried about is their attendance records, as bad records make the school look bad. But it feels like they are holding the parents to ransom!