Week 15 ~ Pregnancy Update

Thought it was time I did a quick update, although there is not much to update.
I am still struggling with the gestational diabetes and am now taking medication morning and evening. I have a feeling I may have to take medication at lunch too and the medication will be increased, but will see what the diabetic team say when I phone in with my results next week.
I am struggling as to what to eat and am planning to go to the library this weekend and get a cookbook. 
In all honesty it IS getting me down (which is partly why I haven’t been visiting your blogs as much and commenting). I had a bit more spotting this week which also panicked me.
My fingers are sore, I can’t eat what I fancy and in all honesty I am not enjoying this pregnancy one bit. But Alhamdulillah. 
I doubt I will have any more after this baby arrives inshAllah.
I have quite a few appointments in April:
Pregnancy Consultant
Diabetic Consultant
Hopefully the diabetes team can give me food suggestions as I am getting sick of eating the same things over and over again! I got angry with my salad at work and was muttering away to myself. My work colleagues are all very sympathetic so they leave me to it when I start raving like a mad woman!!

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  • oh I'm sorry to hear your not having a smooth time, but hope it starts to ease for you and the dietician has some pointers for some tastier food x

  • Oh gosh, sorry it's so hard at the moment! There are some fab cook books out there for diabetes also just some low fat recipes or low GI ones which will have really yummy and filling recipes too?!

    I hope the dietician helps!


  • I'm new to your blog. FOund you through the blogosphere through other blogs. Anyway, I am 20 weeks with my 2nd one. My sister developed GD with her 2nd. I was borderline the first time around. So now I wonder. They don't test for it until later though! How did you find out so early?

    Well, I am sorry you have to go through all of that!!! And I really hope I don't find I have it this time. I do know I crave sugar more so this pregnancy than the last and it's pretty intense all the time. I wonder if that is a sign.

    Well, hope you will be alright – and good luck to you 🙂

  • Hi, thanks for dropping by!

    I developed it in the last months of first pregnancy so this time I was immediately referred to the diabetes team at my booking in appointment. Although initial blood test was fine, by the time I started to self test my levels were high!

    Hopefully you haven't got it…if you notice being thirsty more, or needing to go to the toilet more then that is a sign x