Double Standards

I went into Mothercare at the weekend and it all kicked off in there. Not exactly the place you would think customers would start arguing but it did.
I am not sure exactly what happened but it appears that a lady – not sure what her ethnicity was so will call her Asian – wanted a Gift receipt with her purchase but didn’t get it. So instead of going to the back of the queue she just went to the front to mention it. Probably what anyone would of done.
The young white British couple in front didn’t like it and started mouthing off. I am not sure what they said but it was enough for the Asian lady to kick off big time. Maybe her reaction was extreme, but I guess it depends on what was said.
The young (chav) lad started swearing so she started to swear back. The staff did say do not swear as there are young children present, pointing to munchkin. But apart from that didn’t get too involved. He started leaving, swearing and ending with ‘Don’t forget this is my country’. Ummm ok, you racist.
When he left, the Asian lady was understandably still upset and continued to mouth off and was pretty much defensive. Who knows, maybe she has experienced racism before. The staff then turned on her and said she was not welcome in the shop and to get out. She refused to move until she had her gift receipt.
The staff asked her to stop swearing and to never return to the shop.
Fair enough.
But what she said next made sense. Basically that the staff were having a go at her but said nothing to the white British male who was the one who initially started swearing and was beginning to get racist.
Spot on.
It happens. 
Double standards.
Who knows maybe the staff agreed with his comment that this is his country and not the Asian lady’s and that’s why they didn’t feel the need to say anything to him. 
This is also MY country as it is a lot of other Asians. I was born and raised here. I pay my taxes, probably more than that chav boy who looked like he lived on benefits (yes I am making assumptions but I am so angry on behalf of that lady).
Being Muslim as well can make life difficult due to the mad extremists out there. I see it all the time, even in simple things. My Twitter name is @muslimmummies. The word ‘Muslim’ prevents a lot of people from following me.
For example, I followed a John Lewis account with another ID I set up when I started my new blog. That account immediately followed me back. However, when I followed it with my @muslimmummies account, they didn’t follow it back, even though it was a more established account with more than 2 tweets and plenty more followers.
So it is not just the common public that do it – the big stores do it too.
Although I was born and raised here, it is beginning to feel less and less like home – and the more I think about it the more I want to move.Photobucket

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  • Assalamu Alaykum dear Foz,

    So sorry for not commenting for a while, I've been extremely busy packing for our move to ENgland.
    SubhanALLAH my husband talks exactly the same way as you do.He's noticed that the situation in the UK is getting really worse for the muslims and he's seriously considering moving to a muslim country in a few years, as he believes things will only get worse over the years.
    He also works in a government building and gets to see with his own eyes how muslims are treated compared to white English.This is really sad indeed.

    MAy Allah SWT make your pregnancy easier and may you have a beautiful healthy baby.

    Lot of love.

  • Racism is terrible. It's only an excuse used by those who are incapable to fight it fair and square. This is just one instance out of many. Sadly, there seems to be no end to it. Human frustrations can turn so ugly. My sympathies towards those who have to suffer without being guilty.

  • Assalaamu aleykum,

    Here in Belgium it's the same. It's well-known that interim agencies discriminate against people with a foreign name, not to mention how reduced your chance is of finding work if you wear hijaab. Somewhere in time it became ok for a democracy to discriminate against minorities, and the people here don't even seem to notice! It scares me, to be honest, and I want to move, if I can.

    All the best x

  • Disgusting behavior-and all in front of children-in a childrens store! My ethnicity is 'white british' and yet I see no difference between you and I, nor do I see either of us having any more right than the other to live here! You are as British as me, and I think Mothercare would be interested to know the action that was taken by their staff, as you say-double standards hugely!x

  • It's due to lack of understanding that make people behave that way. I see it happening more after 9/11. It's quite sad really.

  • I agree with sis Inspiring Always, this is happening more after 9/11.

    Racism and fanaticism are two things very prominently disturbing the society in almost every part of the world I guess. May Allah save us.

  • Yep not good, some people are so deluded. There was a time when I was driving in a carpark – in my car, and a white scruffy looking guy started pointing to me and my car saying something along the lines of how I must have been given it free from the government because im some sort of asylum seeker, little did he know that I work full time, pay taxes and paid for my car myself. silly.

  • Wa alaikum asalaam sis.

    It definitely is getting worse sis. I have been thinking to move for the past year, not just because of this but to help with my faith as find myself struggling here.

    Ameen to your dua! x

  • Yes it has got worse after 9/11.

    It seems to have given people a valid excuse in their eyes to behave this way.

  • Yeah that seems to be the attitude….see someone 'foreign' and they must be claiming benefits, must be getting free housing etc etc…..

  • Peace be with you dear sister,

    I feel for that lady and I feel for all who come across such situations. I'm sure it would be sickening to witness something like that with our children around.

    This is the case with poisonous minds, I would say. Double standard is there everywhere… but not in every person's mind. But world is more and more moving towards islamic phobia but in my opinion Muslims itself are 'contributing' their bit to increase the phobia not to eliminate. If I take the words of Bro Noman Ali, this is how it goes- "we're busy explaining what Islam is not and don't have time to live and show what islam is…"! Isn't that true with our Ummah?

    Many Muslims who forget the words of Allah – "And hold fast,All together, by the rope Which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves;" [Qur'an 3:103]. We're divided into sects and people shun away from every other sect and thoughts, merely due to their prior judgement. Our minds are polluted too. If it's not racism or terrorism, it's with the thought that 'what I believe is true, my scholar is true..' everyone else will end up in hell. These internal fights, disrespects and shunning eventually make us weak.. and make others feel that Islam is no way beautiful, but they have 'casts' too **I swear I had non mulims friends telling me how can you talk against cast systems in Indian when you yourself have it??**…

    How beautiful is our Deen, Maa Shaa Allah!

    I'm extremely sad at the condition of our Ummah… Let's pray to our Almighty Lord, to provide us with His shelter and to save us from all evils… Aameen!

  • Amin .. I feel sorry for the lady, she might be very disturbed after the incident.. Unfortunately racism happens everywhere..
    I can only agree with the others, people need more knowledge about other
    people before they start criticizing each other..