Friday Wisdom 20/04/2012

As we live and as we are, Simplicity — with a capital “S” — is difficult to comprehend nowadays. We are no longer truly simple. We no longer live in simple terms or places. Life is a complex struggle now. It is now valiant to be simple: a courageous thing to even want to be simple. It is a spiritual thing to comprehend what simplicity means.
Frank Lloyd Wright


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  • Assalamu Alaykum Foz,
    it is so true, simplicity has faded. I believe simplicity is living like the times of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the prophets back then. They didn't have to deal with what we have now. It is all about – for the sake of Allah – and less wasting, no excess. Believe it or not, it is how simplicity is, if we observe it well; our society forces us to worry more about our living, when shame we know that this life is short, we are forced to concentrate on matters relating more to this life rather than preparing for the hereafter…we are scared to get hungry, scared to sacrifice to drop corruption and enjoin what is lawful by God. This life is not simple anymore, no matter how much we try to make it simple. Even the ones that may live comfortably with their wealth but do enjoin good, may not be able to enjoin good to the fullest, because corruption is everywhere, and we Muslims are supposed to be one hand, and if one is distressed with oppression or if something is wrong in the society and it could be anything, we should all involve ourselves with it, to fix it to the better. They say the modern world is the best civilization , I say that it is false. We should start seeing with two eyes.
    Allah knows better.

  • Well said. That is the reason why so many of us are stressed up and there are many sicknesses in the world nowadays.

  • Yes for sure. We do complicate most of the issues in our lives when we could have done it far more simply. But we have become greedy. Nothing satisfies us and thus we make a mess of our lives. Simplicity is such a beautiful term. But not all understand what it really means.