Week 18 ~ Pregnancy Update

So I finally got to see …….well a number of people on Thursday concerning my diabetes.
I had an appointment for 9.10am. Then I got 2 texts messages reminding me I had an appointment at 9.10am and then 10.20am.
So I rang up to check and I did indeed have 2 appointments. News to me.
When I went to my appointments I felt like I was on a conveyor belt or something. 
Let me explain.
I initially got called by a nurse who weighed me, took my blood pressure and checked my urine sample.
Then back into the corridor I went to wait.
Then got called by who I think was a midwife. She just asked me how I am doing, explained they will be taking extra care of me because of the diabetes, checked my home monitoring book and then I was back in the corridor.
Next…got called in to see my consultant. 
Again I just got asked how I am doing and if I have any questions. No not really as by this stage I was getting slightly bemused by it all. She just told me they would be monitoring me closely due to the diabetes.
After that……yeah you guessed it…back into the corridor to wait.
I then got called into see the diabetes consultant. BUT it wasn’t just him but 3 other people……
One was his registrar who after checking a few things on the computer came to sit with us and he seemed a happy chap. Another lady I believe was just observing…and the final lady….well I can’t remember who she was. They were all friendly enough but I was just so surprised at so many people in there I forgot to ask the one question I wanted to ask…..will the medication affect the baby in any way…
Anyway the diabetic consultant asked me again how I am doing. Last few days the diabetes has been under control so he was happy not to increase my medication and asked me to keep in touch with the diabetes nurses who will increase my medication if it becomes necessary.
I now have to go to the diabetic clinic every 4 weeks which will eventually be changed to every 2 weeks.
I also have to have extra scans….at 28 weeks, then 34, 36 and 38. 
So many appointments!! (wipes sweat off brow!)
Anyway, enough about appointments! I just wanted to share a lovely poem (with permission) written by the equally lovely Sui at Imaginative Spiral. She had asked her readers to challenge her with topics for her poems….I, being totally original(!), picked babies and pregnancy. Considering Sui is not a mother herself she did a fabulous job. Enjoy!

Only she knows what it means,
The faint noises and breathes
The fragile hands and feet
The movements underneath.

Only she knows what it means,
The turbulence in head and nerves
The uneasiness and curbs
The restlessness unheard.

Only she knows what it means,
The urge to eat and feed
The dislike to sound and heat
The uncontrollable mood swings.

Only she knows what it means,
The constant aches and bloating
The kicks and frivolous moving
The nature’s pain is a blessing.

She is sure of what’s coming,
The wails and continuous change
The sleepless nights and grounded days
The miracle that she will create.



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  • So sorry to hear about the GD, it must be so hard!

    Just wanted to stop by and say I love reading your updates, especially because we are around the same date. I am being my usual self and worrying as I have not felt any movement yet, no appointments to listen to heart and not had my blood sugar levels checked either. Scan in a couple weeks though so fingers crossed all is ok.

    I hope things get easier with GD. I would find it so hard not being able to eat as much rice as I wanted and all the other things. Well done for keeping it together, you will have a gorgeous baby in your arms before you know it x

  • Glad to know that you diabetes is under control, Foz.

    I've read that poem in Sui's blog. She is too wise for someone so young, and not a mother herself, isn't she?

    Take care and have a great day.

  • Always nice to read your updates, sorry you have to manage so many appointments, but at least all is under control, which is reassuring.
    This poem was really nice, Sui penned it so well.
    Have a lovely week and take care of yourself dear Foz. xx

  • Foz,

    I know it's quiet irritating to go through so many rounds of same questions and boredom of waiting… After all, I am glad to know that everything is going smooth so far! Alhamdulillah!

    Btw, Sui has done a great job… I can never ever think that wide, but she does even before tasting motherhood. She is so blessed. Ma Shaa Allah!

  • Hi Carly, yeah it is difficult! Especially not being able to have my chocolate!!!

    Aww you can't help but worry, I have my scan in less than 2 weeks too, looking forward to it!

  • I WAS getting frustrated being asked 'How are you?' on 4 different occasions within 1 hour but at least they are looking after me!