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I must admit when munchkin was younger I struggled with the whole cooking at home in bulk and freezing portions so I did a bit of research as to what was available in the shops. One of the brands I did try was Organix and munchkin did seem to like their jars.

Organix now offer the Organix Mighty Meals range, described as ‘ nutritious, wholesome meals, perfect for growing toddlers ready to move on from baby puree with lumps to more textured foods.’

There are a number of meals available, but if like me you would be looking for the vegetarian options because the meat isn’t halal, then there are 2 meals suitable: Herby Salmon and Potato Bites, and Spinach Falafels.

What appeals to me personally about Organix is that they state that they use the ‘finest, organic ingrediants’, and they have a ‘No Junk Promise’. This promise guarantees that their foods are safe, pure and nutritious and contain NO hidden nasties such as salt, starches and preservatives. I do not want my children to be eating just ‘anything’ but if they are eating ready made meals then I would prefer it to be organic and no unnecessary extras thrown in.

Take a look at this simply adorable advert from Organix.

If you like the Organix brand then you can enter a competition on facebook to win a hamper full of Organix food and the outfits featured in the video.

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Organix but all thoughts are my own.Photobucket

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