Week 22 ~ Pregnancy Update

I had my second appointment with the diabetic clinic at the hospital on Thursday. I am grateful that they are looking after me but am getting so tired of all the extra appointments!
Basically they weigh me, take my blood pressure and check my urine. I then see a midwife for a quick chat about any concerns. Next is the pregnancy consultant for a quick chat and finally the diabetes consultant. I only spend less than 5 minutes with each of them but this time I was at the hospital for over an hour and a half just waiting to see them all.
I have lost weight again. They are not overly concerned about the weight loss yet but did say I should be putting it on now rather than losing it. So had a bit of a lecture about making sure I am not starving myself and to eat protein and vegetables…. when all I want is a big huge bar of Galaxy chocolate {sigh}.
They were very pleased with my blood testing results and the pregnancy consultant said she would give me a gold star if they handed gold stars out – ummm hello??! Is this pre-school?
The diabetic consultant was also pleased with my results and said they were the best they had seen so far all morning. However because my morning results can yo-yo a bit, he decided to increase my morning medication to 2 tablets instead of 1. I now have to keep an eye on that incase the dosage ends up too strong but today I actually managed to have full fat milk and keep my levels low.
I have to see them again in 4 weeks time but ring in with my results each week.
Next: Midwife on Tuesday and scan on Friday
And to carry on checking my blood sugar levels 3 times a day. Fun(!)

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  • News are good dear, I am happy about this. But I imagine how hard it is to check all the times and make sure your blood sugar is fine, not talking about these chocolate bars you can't eat!
    Stay well and looking forward more news soon! xx

  • Oh wow! I clearly have missed out on a lot. You're already in your 22nd week. Congratulations. Munchkin's gonna have a playmate! 😀

    I hope and pray that all goes well for you!

    Take care of yourself!

    Yours Truly x

  • Glad to hear your sugar was the best they'd seen! I lost weight throughout the entire pregnancy too, I think as ong as the weight loss is nothing too dramatic week on week they are happy, plus they are making you watch what you eat so its ineviatble.

    I'm glad to hear you're keeping your sense of humour and still craving the chocolate, it can't be easy having to be so strict with yourslef x

  • I never lost weight in my preganancies – but I had a neighbour who actually lost weight for the first 6 months – however she gave birth with no problems – everyones bodies are different! Hope all goes well 🙂

  • Thanks for your comments…it does sometimes get me down with all the checking, but will be worth it in the end.

  • Glad I am not the only one who loses weight. I have lost so much all my rings are now loose on my hands.

    I did have a bit of weight to lose but never expected to lose it in pregnancy! x