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  • I absolutely agree with this quote. I have always believed that it's important to understand ourselves the most. The more we know our true self, the more accepting we will be and better our lives would be.

    I also thank you for leaving your sweet comments Foz. I am glad that I have people in blogosphere who care for me.

  • Assalamu Alaykum Foz, I agree to the fullest. It's important to feel comfortable with yourself in order to find the peace in which we are seeking for. God is always there, and when you praise him, it feels so tranquil, and this is what can make us feel comfortable with ourselves…insha'Allah.

  • Very nice quote today Foz, I agree with these words. To understand and be able to sit with ourselves for some time is so important. The changes can only start from within.
    People qho can't do this often find themselves in the middle of turmoil and try to fill their lives with many things that don't work at the end.
    Have a lovely week-end! xx

  • You are welcome Sui. I have found some friends in the blogosphere who I feel care for me more than my own real friends!