Week 35 ~ Pregnancy Update

So today I am 35 weeks alhamdulillah and am sitting here thinking where has the time gone???? I only have 5 weeks left till my due date! Scary stuff.
So the week before last I went to see my community midwife. She has decided that because I am now being seen by the hospital every 2 weeks there is no need for me to see her too. So she has pretty much discharged me until I have bubs. I don’t mind as it means one less trip for me every other week. She simply checks my blood pressure, urine and listens to heartbeat which is what they do at the hospital anyway so am not losing out by not seeing her.
On Thursday I went to the diabetic clinic again and had a scan. Bubs is doing well alhamdulillah; is head down with its bum literally in my ribs which explains why I often feel so uncomfortable. The sonographer showed me bubs eyes, and nose and the stomach, which was so small! The estimated weight is 6lb which is within the normal range allhamdulillah,
I have again lost a bit of weight but nothing drastic this time so they are not too worried. My pregnancy consultant didn’t say much except ‘oh not long to go!’ (Nothing like stating the obvious). 
The diabetic consultant wasn’t there but the diabetes nurse was and she pretty much said ‘nothing to say’ because my sugar levels are well controlled. When I mentioned I have 5 weeks left she looked at me and said you do know that we tend to induce ladies with gestational diabetes at 38 weeks? 
I had suspicions that they would but no one had confirmed it.
She explained that anyone on medication is generally induced. They give you a sweep initially to try to induce labour. If that does not work in 2 days then they admit you in hospital and get things going.
In all honesty I am finding the thought of being induced even more scary! With a natural labour you don’t have time to think and panic but if I get a date to be induced I will be stressing about it!!
So rather than 5 weeks left it looks like I only have 3 weeks left!! I really must get myself organised now and stop being so relaxed about it all! InshAllah at my next appointment I will speak to the consultant and find out for definite what she is planning.
I have another appointment in 2 weeks so inshAllah will update you all then.


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  • Wow time has really flown by! It must be so exciting knowing that in a matter of a few weeks you will be holding a new baby in your arms. I didn't know about inducing babies when the mum is on medication! I can see how that could prove more nerve racking than going by a natural birth but you're in safe hands either way. xxxx

  • Salaam alaykum,

    how are you doing? My feeling says baby is there, but Allahu a'lem.

    I'll keep you in my du'a

  • Wa alaikum asalaam
    Alhamdulillah am well.
    Not had baby yet, been busy decorating house so not blogged much this week

  • The induction is more because with diabetics the
    Placenta can stop working early, so they get baby out before it deteriorates