Book Review: Breast Feeding: Stories to inspire and inform

Back in July The Mule held a giveaway for a breastfeeding book.
Now I am not one of those people that enter competitions and giveaways left, right and centre, but will only enter those that genuinely interest me and which I feel will benefit me in some way. I decided to enter this giveaway due to struggling to breastfeed munchkin. And I won!! (Thank you for the giveaway!)
I am definitely for breastfeeding and believe that it is best for baby, however I do not and will never look down on any mums that decide to bottle feed. I ended up bottle feeding my first.
I had attempted to breastfeed munchkin, but with lack of support, pain in breasts, I gave up easily. Literally within a week. Now after reading this book I realised what a mistake I had made 6 years ago. Lots of women struggle and it is not something you necessarily take to in the first few days. Although it is a natural process, it can take some learning.
Breastfeeding: Stories to inspire and inform, does exactly what the title says. It contains 22 different breastfeeding stories which are there to inspire you and inform you.
The book, after the introduction starts with ‘exploding some common myths’. This is a particularly useful chapter as there is so much ‘advice’ flying around out there that you just don’t know what is right and what is wrong.
The stories are inspiring and put me to shame that I did not make more of an effort when I attempted breastfeeding. Some of the women have struggled for months before breastfeeding worked out for them and then they continued to breastfeed beyond 6 months. However the stories made me realise that I was not alone when struggling and that breastfeeding is not necessarily automatically easy; that both you and baby will immediately take to it.
The book also has a number of useful links at the end and has a number of inspiring quotes throughout the book. My favourite is the first one:
Breastfeeding is an instinctuak and natural act, but it is also an art that is learned day by day. The reality is that almost all women can breastfeed, have enough milk for their babies and learn how to overcome problems both large and small. It is almost always simply a matter of practical knowledge and not a question of good luck.
 La Leche League
InshAllah (god willing) am planning to breastfeed this baby and I will definitely be making more of an effort after reading this book. What I thought were problems I was experiencing were actually normal; the constant feeding, feeling like as soon as she had come of the breast she wanted another feed, falling asleep during a feed…..
I will definitely be asking for more support if I find myself struggling and will not listen to others who may push for me to put this baby on the bottle if I experience difficulty again. I now know there are a number of ways I can get support and will definitely be asking for help if I need it. And if that fails, will read the book again to remind me I am not alone in my struggles and InshAllah it will get easier.
I would definitely recommend this book for other mums and mums to be who are struggling to breastfeed or thinking about breastfeeding.


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  • InshaAllah Allah will makes things good for you. Breast feeding is very healthy for the baby and I would choose breast feeding if I was married and had a baby ofc. 🙂
    Take care

  • I breastfed my son for one year. Make sure you prepare your breasts for the big job that they have to do. One of the preparations is that you need to clear out anything that may be clogging the nipples. While having your shower, take a soft face towel and rub the nipples gently and you may see some dirt come off. Do this a few times before baby arrive otherwise by the time baby suckle on the breast it would be too tender and will hurt. This is important otherwise it would be hard for the milk to flow through. Maybe you have already been informed by now?

    Take care and much love.

  • Salaam alaykum,

    insha'Allah it will go well this time. it is always very difficult to know of your baby gets enough, but usually they do.

    I have, by the way, never heard of the preparations awalkinmyheart is talking about.Never did that my self at least.

    Over here they have lactation experts in hospital which usually give good advice if having difficulties. But insha'Allah everything will go fine.

    In the beginning I always feel like I'm only feeding the baby and doing nothing else.

    good luck with everything dear. May Allah make things easy for you. ameen

  • It looks like a great book dear Foz. I take note.
    If you did not get enough support the first time it is not your fault. At least now you know a bit more and you will be ready when your little one arrives.
    Take care dear! xx

  • inshallah things will work this time. I breastfed my 3 children and even though I had done it before even the last time was hard – it takes perserverence but is really worth it to pass that first week!

  • Salam ale Kum sister….I am currently nursing my 5 th child, she is 18 months and we will probably wean around 2 like my son did.
    I wish u much success in Breastfeeding this time. If u have any issues this time feel free to contact me. I am a la leche league leader and it is my passion to help specifically Muslims to have a successful Breastfeeding experience.
    Sister Nirgaz