Week 38 ~ Pregnancy Update

So today I am 38+3 and it looks like this will be my final week of pregnancy. 
I am booked into hospital on Thursday to be induced. I have to ring at 8am to check bed availability and they will then tell me when I need to go in. Apparently they have a lot of inductions booked for that day but I have priority due to the gestational diabetes.
So it looks like baby will be here by the end of the weekend inshAllah.
I am scared. I am not good with internals so not sure how I will cope with them trying to insert pessaries etc. And I keep hearing about how inductions can take a while and can be more painful. 
I do not like being away from munchkin for too long so inshAllah the induction won’t take too long. However she is excited to go stay at the grandparents. I am also worried hubby will forget to feed the rabbit!! Will have to text him every morning and evening to remind him!
So after this post, there will be some guest posts and some scheduled posts inshAllah as I am unlikely to blog for a while and probably won’t get a chance to comment on your posts for a while.
Keep me in your duas (prayers) please!! 


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  • Best of luck! Try not to worry too much and just take something to keep yourself entertained at the beginning (phone with Twitter? 😉 ). I look forward to hearing that you're eating "well" again 😉 Wishing you all the best and a very speedy recovery.

  • A good idea is to write out a list of "to do" stuff for your husband to do and pin it somewhere he will not miss. (Perhaps you have already done this.) Leave it at that and don't worry about a single thing but just to have your baby. We are not superwoman and can't do everything and be everywhere all the time. Everything should be smooth. InsyAllah! Lock everything else out of your mind and have a safe delivery.

    You'll be in my prayers. Take care and much love.

  • Not done a to-do list for him but have told him what to do….maybe I should write it down!!

    Thank you for your comments x

  • You are in my prayers, things will go well, just try to relax. I know it is easier said than done. The "to do list" sounds good so you don't have to worry about anything else than you and the baby.
    It's so soon, I am all excited for you Foz. Take care and much love!