Book Reviews: ABC Dentist and ABC Doctor

Dentists and Doctors can be pretty scary places for children, (and even for adults!)
Both these books are for ages 4+ and provide reassuring information about what to expect at the doctors or the dentist. So if your child is nervous about going, these books could help alleviate some of their fears and give them some idea of what to expect.
The ABC of Doctors includes simple things such as appointment and nurse, but also explains inoculations and also the equipment used such as otoscope and reflex hammer.
Similarly the ABC of Dentists includes words such as hygienist, orthodontist and plaque. It has informative facts on things such as cavities and the number of teeth you have.
My munchkin had been very nervous about going to the dentist so I had initally put it off. However if I had this book beforehand I could have sat down with her and discussed it all with her. Both the books have friendly facts and the artwork is colourful in an attempt to show that the doctors and the dentists aren’t really that scary!
I would definitely recommend these books if your little munchkins are worried about a visit to the doctor or dentist. They may just help reassure them a little
Disclaimer: I was sent both titles for the purposes of review. However all thoughts and opinions are my own. Images taken from Blue Apple Books website.

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