Pain relief in labour

Ok so with my sweep in less than a week and also a possible induction, I am not ashamed to admit I am freaking out.
I am not very good with examinations and am praying like mad that this baby decides to make an early appearance before the midwifes start interfering with me……as I know I will find it painful because I tense up due to panicking. Just thinking about it makes me feel faint – that is how much they freak me out. 
All this leads me to think about pain relief when I am actually in labour.
Some of you may be thinking whats all the fuss bout….you have already had one child.
You see the thing with my first is that it all happened so quick I almost feel like I didn’t give birth. From waking up in pain, to having the baby in my arms, it was less than 2 hours. Because it was believed my placenta had burst I was given a spinal block in preparation for a possible c-section within half an hour of arriving at hospital. This  meant I could feel nothing down below. Nothing at all!. And then next thing I knew I was being told to push and I had a baby on my chest. 
Oh that was quick and painfree!
I know some women do not want pain relief as they want a natural birth. They then feel as though they have failed if they have to take pain relief or end up having a c-section. Personally I don’t understand that…why feel a failure if you need help? So long as mother and baby are fine…..
I will be walking into that hospital (well actually I’ll probably already be in there being induced) and demanding an epidural as in all honesty I am a total wimp when it comes to pain.
I remember having a few puffs of gas and air when they were breaking my waters with munchkin, and I can’t remember the gas and air helping much. I am wary about using injections as they can affect the baby too. I am slightly wary about the epidural too….but I know me, and I do not think I can do this without pain relief (especially if I have a long drawn out induction).
So please remember me in your duas (prayers) as I am now beginning to panic!! Photobucket

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