Guest Post: Communication is key

Another guest post from one of my fellow bloggers who has followed me from pretty much the start of my blog being created and who I consider a blogging friend. Thank you so much for agreeing to do a guest for me Marie. You can follow her at her blog ‘Let it be’ 

“I am happy to guest post at Foz blog today, I hope her and her little ones are well. Thank you.”

Communication is key.

We hear this all the time. Mostly when we are in a relationship or when we have issues in our marriage or with our children.
But thought it’s important, in the world we are living in, it’s not always easy to set up.
Just the other day I was having my regular appointment at the maternity hospital. You would think it’s a nice place, where all expecting mothers meet, to exchange and share.
Not kidding, half of the people, and we were many, were playing with their phones, checking Internet or reading their e-mails, watching videos or listening to some music I guess.
And it’s not only there, you see it in the bus on your way to work, even when you wait for the bus. You see it at the cinema, before the film starts, before a conference or at lunchtime, in the street.
We all live in our own little world. And we would all be incapable to say what the person next to us is doing or wearing, to say how many people we met at one meeting and what are their names.
So Communication is key. Yes. But we all need to start looking at others and not only at our own little life. For communication to work we need a new collective conscious to arise, we need to force ourselves to talk with strangers and engage into dialogue, even when we feel like escaping the world.
We see it at a general level, but inside our homes, how many families don’t know what it is to spend real time together, to share a diner, to talk about things that happened during the day. How many couples are never together, meet between two doors during the week and go out with friends at the week-end.
Communication is key.
We hear it all the time. Now is the time to make it happen. Now it is time to change our habits.  


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  • I agree with you, Marie. When in the trains, I can see many, especially the young people, engaged with their messaging, games, etc on their electronic gadgets. It is rare to get a human touch nowadays.

  • Thanks Asni…….I like your word "human touch". I have not felt it for a long long time. Nowadays people don't even answer to "good morning".
    Take care.

    Foz, thanks for your nice words. Much love to you all.x