Christmas is not a Muslim festival

I debated whether to post this as I try to keep religious and political posts away from my blog. They generally encourage arguments and I don’t have the time or energy to argue. My blog is my release to post things about my daily life and to just have a bit of a laugh.
But I read something today which wound me up (hormones still all over the place I reckon), so I thought what the heck, lets post about it.
On a forum I saw fellow Muslims saying they eat turkey, put up a tree and exchange presents. Fair enough, each to their own as at the end of the day your actions are going to be judged and if you think it is OK to do that then great, your life.
But what annoyed me was that they justified it by saying we should follow the laws of the country we live in.
I am all for following the laws of the country seeing as I was born here and class myself as British; but could someone please explain to me where it says in the law that we MUST celebrate Christmas? Where it says I must put up a Christmas tree, exchange presents and carve up a turkey? (Although I am tempted to try a turkey – what does it taste like?!)
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hide away at Christmas and ignore everyone. That is a bit difficult to do, especially with a 6 year old who goes to school. Munchkin goes to school and gets involved in what is happening. This year she came home with a candle. I had no idea what it was and had to ask my non-muslim friends on FB what it signified. (My dad wanted to eat the orange!!)

I am of the opinion that if we expect people to respect our religion then we should learn and respect theirs. It can cause some issues as munchkin came home and said she wanted a Christmas tree. However, I sat her down and explained that as Muslims we don’t actually celebrate Christmas and we have our two Eid’s to celebrate and she was fine with that. 
I will say Happy Christmas to my neighbours. Now some Muslims will attack me for that and say its wrong. But they say Happy Eid to us and say enjoy your day so I say it back to them when it is their celebration. But I won’t get actively involved.
Now someone call the police so they can arrest me as I am not following the laws of the country. 


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  • Being a revert I gradually reduced Christmas each year. I told my family I don't celebrate but they gave gifts on Xmas day, then after I said yes to gifts but not on Xmas day, I used to send happy holidays or new year cards, now I send nothing. This year is probably the year when I have been really strict – informing all my family and close neighbours that I am not doing any kind of cards or any celebration at all. It is still their choice to give gifts to the children but as long as they know I don't let them open them on Xmas day itself! It hasn't caused any issues – so wish I had done it earlier but maybe then I might have isolated myself – who knows! Their is a reason for everything and Allah knows best.