Review: Spin Mania

I was pleased to receive ‘Spin Mania’ from Drumond Park to review as I am always looking for fun and interesting games for munchkin.
As soon as she received it she wanted to play it. However the game takes size C batteries, one of the sizes I don’t have a supply of in the house, so she had to wait impatiently until we got some.
‘The game consists of a motorised Spinning Machine with an electronic timer, three orange helicopter-like rotary plates, a ‘spin-spike’, and three purple stands on which to set the plates once they are spinning correctly.’
The aim of the game is pretty simple. You have to get the plates spinning on the machine one at a time and then using the spike, transfer them to the stands; they have to keep spinning while you transfer them. Once all the plates are on the stands, still spinning, the player can stop the timer. Whoever does it in the quickest time, wins.
The fun thing about this is that the other players can place the stands in different places to make things more difficult  for example under the table. Therefore each game will be slightly different.
Munchkin had fun playing it by herself. She practiced the technique of transferring them while they are spinning and then set herself some virtually impossible tasks. The stands should be in one specific room but she put a stand in the kitchen and one upstairs; she likes to be difficult. 
She never did get past the stand in the kitchen! But she had plenty of fun trying.
I think this game will continue to keep her occupied and she will have even more fun with it when she plays it with her friends.
Spin Mania is recommended for age 6+ and RRP £22.99.
Disclaimer: I was sent Spin Mania for the purposes of review. However all opinions are my own.


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