Growing up so fast!

I know it is pretty cliched…..’Oh she is growing up so fast,’ ‘Where has the time gone’ etc etc. But it really does feel like that.
My little Pari (fairy) turned 4 months yesterday. In all honesty I had forgotten (bad mummy) and it was her aunt who reminded me she had turned 4 months.
It is amazing how far we have already got. Alhamdulillah we are settled into a routine and you can really see her character now show; she is going to be a little madam with lots of determination. This was shown by her determination to roll over. She would get so frustrated with herself when she couldn’t do it. And she did it! Before she turned 4 months old mashAllah!

And now I can’t leave her in her cot alone as she is all over the place!
My little pari…..stop being in such a rush to grow up!
Being a baby is not easy though. She is currently teething and having a bit of a rough time. My usually happy baby is currently a grumpy one.
Hurry up and come out teeth!!
Oh and the lovely Karima from Karima’s Crafts has done a lovely blog review on my blog. Please go over and check her site. Some fab craft ideas!


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