The school run in the snow

Any parent knows that the school run can be manic at the best of times. Parents double parking, kids running out into the road etc etc.
Well today it was snowing.
And it was complete and utter chaos.
Now seeing as it is snowing, anyone with half a brain would know that you should be extra careful, to park considerately, to drive slowly.
I’m guessing that parenthood takes away your brain’s functions.
Because we had even more parents double parking and blocking the road, even more parents rushing to get to their car. I could just envision them screaming ‘I’m melting, I’m melting’ as the snow hit them.
For crying out loud people, it is just snow!
We had cars honking angrily at each other and, I am pretty sure, cursing at each other.
Munchkin and I took a leisurely stroll in the snow to our car, tucked away to one side, and then waited until the chaos calmed down before we drove home.


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