Digital Postcard from Ghana #TeamHonk #goodwork

Comic relief are celebrating 25 years of fundraising, and as part of the celebration, 3 bloggers were invited to go to Ghana for two days to see all the good work being done. While there they sent digital postcards to keep fellow bloggers informed of all the good work happening.

Hello Fozia!
This morning we visited a vaccine clinic in Accra and observed mothers taking babies for their jabs. In this photo you can see a mother and baby waiting to be called in to the vaccination clinic to receive a rotavirus vaccination, to help prevent the killer diarrhoea virus. 
This is a digital postcard sent from TeamHonk (; ) during their travels with Comic Relief in Ghana celebrating #goodwork.
For the past 25 years the money raised through Red Nose Day has been changing the lives of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in the UK and Africa. Let’s Keep Up the Good Work. Find out how at
For other digital postcards please do check out the linky on


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  • This baby made us all laugh so much. Just THE most expressive face!!! We were all captivated.

    Thanks for your support, it has been incredible.

    You lot were all amazing and Team Honk love you xx