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As a parent I am keen for my daughters to do well in life and this means initially getting a good education. I am always on the look out for resources to help munchkin. She is pretty much top of her class when it comes to reading and writing, but not so much with maths. Maths was my weakest subject too; it was the only subject I received a C for in my GCSE’s. However, her dad does have a mathematical mind. Clearly she has taken after me.

So when I had the opportunity to review Twinkl, I was glad to have the chance to get access to more resources to help munchkin out.

Twinkl make lovely hand drawn resources for schools and home educating parents. Even if you are not home educating, the resources can be used if you wish to help your child and work with them at home.

Twinkl has over 60,000 beautiful hand drawn resources and are used in primary schools and educational settings all over the UK (and the world!). However there is also a section for parents too.

Within the parents section, there are a number of different categories:

Parents Educational Guides
Behaviour Management
Home Routine and Timetable
Reading and Writing
Fine Motor Skills
Around the Home
School Preparation

As I would like to help munchkin with her maths I concentrated on the ‘Number’ section.

The worksheets are based on popular characters, such as the hungry caterpillar and the speckled frogs so are bound to keep a child’s interest. You can easily download the worksheets and save them to your computer to print out. As munchkin is almost 7, I realised that the worksheets are not really for her as although she does need some help with maths, the sheets are too basic for her. 

However, the worksheets are ideal for younger children and I will be certain to use them when my youngest is at the appropriate age to start learning. 

The other thing I like about Twinkl is that they have resources which feature certain topics. For example an appropriate topic is currently winter.

The winter resources include winter page borders and even winter shape poetry frames. Younger children will definitely love these resources. Even munchkin liked the look of the poetry frames and am sure they will inspire her to write some poetry!

Twinkl also offer a premium subscription to users who wish to access a further 10,000 resources which costs £29.99 per year. The premium service helps Twinkl to continue to make resources for schools and parents.

Disclaimer: I was given access to the premium service for the purposes of the review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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