I’m just stupid….

Yep as the title says.

I’m just stupid.

My 6 year old seems to think I am.

Well, she hasn’t said so in so many words. But if she asks how something is spelt and it still doesn’t look right to HER, then she will use another word instead.

And the other day she came out of school all excited as she had learnt something new. From a fellow 6 year old.

And what had she learnt? That it is mosquitoes that lay eggs in your head which then turn into nits.

When I said that’s not right she looked at me as if I had a screw loose and said ‘well my friend said so.’

Well I can’t compete with a fellow 6 year old’s knowledge now can I?!

I may as well rip up my degree certificate and my Legal Practice Course Certificate. Because I’m just stupid.

*goes off to bang head against brick wall*Photobucket

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