Sponsored Post: I need a holiday!

In all honesty, I have never had a proper holiday. Yes we go to Pakistan, but to me that is not a holiday. It is just home away from home. We get there and hubby starts helping with the family business. It is only when I moan and get in a strop (I’m good at that),  that he will then take us out to the zoo or something.
I am in desperate need of a proper holiday. Somewhere exotic like Dubai or Egypt. Or even a safari or cruise. Heck, I’d even be happy with a holiday within the UK as there are some lovely places here!
I just need a break!!!
It is ok for him, he’s off to Pakistan at the end of the year and then on to Saudia Arabi for the pilgrimage inshAllah. While I’m at home tearing my hair out with the kids.
Well I will just carry on surfing the net and try to find some deals, as I know that you can sometimes find some good latedeals. If I can find a good deal and save us some money, then hubby may just agree!
Would love to see these views again.

If anyone else is looking for late deals then there are many sites and FB pages including this one, Latedeals.


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