Project 365 – Days 41-47

We have all been recovering from colds. So even though it was half term here we didn’t get much done. 🙁
Day 41 – Snakes and ladder fun with dad.
Day 42 – I only recently lowered the cot base, looks like I’m going to have to lower it further. She’s a little vandal already.
Day 43 – Started to make home made purees. Carrot! Even I can’t go wrong with the Avent Steamer and Blender.
Day 44 – Bit of snow again – enough to make a smiley face on the car.
Day 45 – Chocolates and flowers from the hubby.
Day 46 – I made a cake! Tasted OK – miracle!!
Day 47 – The little one is trying to steal her big sister’s book!
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