Weaning has officially begun

So the little one was frowning at me every time I ate and smacking her lips. If she happened to be in my lap while I was munching I would get a slap. And then she grabbed my chocolate and tried to eat it. 

Now that was the final straw. No one eats my chocolate. 
I decided to start weaning. 
Although the recommended age for weaning is 6 months, and she was just short of 5 months, I decided to go  ahead. If I had been breastfeeding I think I probably would have tried to hold off a further few weeks.
And I am glad I decided to wean.
MashAllah she loves her food. She chats away while eating and seems happy to try new things. Me being the domestic goddess I’m turning into it (cough cough), have started making home made purees. Regretfully I did not do that with my first, I don’t know why, and she was given a diet of jars.
This time I wanted to at least attempt to make my own and I am glad I did. This makes my life so much easier:
The Avent Steamer and blender is absolutely fabulous. And even someone who is totally useless in the the kitchen (AKA me) can’t go wrong!
I purchased it myself a few months ago when it was on offer and I do not regret buying it at all. It is soooo easy to use. Add your fruit/vegetables, steam them, turn the jug over and blend. Voila!  Home made puree in literally 15/20 mins.
Here’s the carrot’s steaming away.
And the finished product:
I have also made a carrot and sweet potato puree and will be trying broccoli and potato next. If anyone is about to wean and not sure whether to make their own, I would say definitely give it a go! It is so easy, and you know exactly what you are feeding your child.
Take a look at my weaning list over on BabyHuddle. It includes items I have, and some I wish I had!


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  • lovely post ^^ my mother used to do home made food for me and sister <3 hehe, it made us grow healthy. So I do advice you to keep using this method, especially mixed vegetables :-) hehe, May Allah bless you and your family, especially your cute little one , ameen

  • I'm right there with you on the chocolate front. We had this nifty little gadget from Avent too, it was SO useful. It's with a friend who is about to start weaning her bub soon, she is under strict instructions to give it back afterwards!

  • I don't think I'd let my girls get away with stealing my chocolate either! Holly used to grab things from me before she started weaning. She still does even though she has a plate of food of her own!