Gardening Series: Seed Sowing

This is the second post from Riz at Muslimgrower about gardening.

Spring was officially on 21st March and I am itching to sow seeds. There is still plenty of time to buy seeds that you wish to grow and make some plans for the garden or if your growing in pots. You need at least 8 hours of sunshine for your vegetable and flower plants so locate the sunniest part of the garden. 

If you need compost/soil you can get that from B&Q.; I usually buy the cheapest compost which is 3 bags for £10 which is plenty to grow your veggies and flowers. You can make an early start by sowing seeds NOW at your windowsill; this way you get an early start and when it comes to mid may you will have nice seedlings to plant out in pots or in the ground.

Delphinium Seeds
Basil seedlings doing well
Seeds are so cheap now you can pick up two packs of quality veggie seeds for a £1 from Aldi or Lidl and there is plenty of choice too. There are lots of threads on the muslimgrower forums and plenty of pictorial guides for beginners to read up about.

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