Review: Munchkin Bowl, Spoons and Teether

We were recently sent some Munchkin products to review. We were excited about this as Munchkin’s products all look bright and colourful!

We received a ‘Click Lock Super Suction Bowl’, ‘6 Soft Tip Spoons’ and a teether of our choice; we picked the ‘Twisty Barbell Teether’.


Soft Tip Spoons
The Munchkin spoons come in a pack of 6 and are very colourful which will appeal to the little ones senses. Little Bee now insists on holding a spoon when eating and playing with it. Well, if you call getting food everywhere playing.
The spoons have a soft tip and therefore are gentle on baby’s gums. They are long handled which helps you to hold them, and if you are feeding baby jars, then they can get right to the bottom of the jar with ease.
Click Lock Super Suction Bowl

With some suction items, they don’t really work I find. I recently got a toy to put on Bee’s tray and she quite easily yanks it off. However we have not had this problem with the super suction bowl yet. It fixes on quite firmly and when tested out on Bee, she couldn’t pull it off. 

The bowl will be great for when she starts properly on finger foods and is able to feed herself. I will be able to put the bowl on her tray without fear of it falling off, or her pulling it off.
I like the fact that the suction part is not permanently fixed to the bowl. So you can take it off and just simply use the bowl by holding it or taking it out in your changing bag. Without the green suction part it does not take up much space and with the the lid locking on, you can keep food fresh in the bowl on trips out.
Twisty Barbell Teether

We decided to test out the Twisty Barbell Teether as it was different to the other teethers we had which were the normal rings and water filled ones. 
This is suitable from 6 months and this is because the teether is hard. I found I had to be careful with Bee incase she hit herself with it in a moment of excitement! 
We love it as it has a unique twisting motion; the changing in shape keeps her interest. The floating rings are also ideal for her to bite on. 
Bee totally loves holding it, looking at it and chomping on it.
Disclaimer: We were sent  Munchkin products for free to review. However, all thoughts and opinions are mine and Bee’s

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