Project 365 – Days 55-61

Day 55 – My parents went abroad for 2 months and to cheer me up hubby got me these on the way back from the airport! Yum!!

Day 56 – We have my parents budgies for 2 months, and they don’t seem impressed with baby! The hand reared one comes up close to have a look at her.
Day 57 – Training up baby on the laptop!
Day 58 – Taking the rabbit to the vets for his injection. Poor thing is always petrified.
Day 59 – More chocolate!
Day 60 – The little one seems to find it hilarious to find any bit of cloth/material she can and put it over her face. Have to keep a close eye on her incase she can’t remove it again herself!
Day 61 – We decided it was time to venture out in the cold to the local park!
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