Review: Luxury Art: Heavens Islamic Words

My sister recently bought a new house so I wanted to buy her a gift, something unique and special. I had given her clocks, candles and Islamic crystal pieces in the past so was a bit stuck as to what to get her. I then decided to buy her an Islamic canvas that she could hang on her wall or place on a mantle piece.
And I regretted it when it arrived.
The quality was pretty much non existent, you could see all the glue around the gems and I vowed never to buy from a Facebook page again.
But then I came across Luxury Art: Heavens Islamic Words.
The work looked amazing. And the gems were crystal.
So I decided to risk it again….and I am glad I did. The final piece was stunning and totally flawless. Clearly alot of time and dedication went into making it.

Some close ups:
I love it so much I am tempted to keep it for myself! I will definitely be ordering for myself in the future.
The frames can be made in different sizes and styles with your choice of colour. Surahs and Hadiths are used. My particular favourites are the Ayatul Kursi frames and the frames with a couples name in. 
Taken from their FB page:
We are dedicated to spreading the beautiful, meaningful and truthful words of Almighty Allah (SWT) from the precious Qur’an. 

All our frames are specially designed with you in mind, we have taken the english translations from the Qu’ran and the arabic also and incorporated these special and important verses, surahs and hadiths in to a range of stunning frames. 

Our frames are a special and meaningful touch of class. They are the perfect and unique gift for teenagers, parents, friends, family, Islamic Reverts, those who are turning towards Islam.. In reality for all those who wish to have an increase of abundance in their lives. This can only truly come from the blessings of Allah (SWT). And to attain those blessings of prosperity we must remember to have a balance of deen and dunya in this fast paced modern word.

Our stunning unique & meaningful Islamic gifts are for 21st Century Muslim who realise the importance of having a balance of Deen & Dunya in their lives.

So if you are looking for something special and unique, either for yourself or as a gift then take a look at their page. Can’t wait to see what my sister thinks of her gift!

Disclaimer: I was given a small discount when purchasing for the puposes of a review. However, all opinions are my own and honest.


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