Project 365 – Days 76 to 82

Day 76 – Chips and homemade chicken for a relaxing day indoors of not doing much
Day 77 – Although she is not actually crawling, Bee somehow manages to roll and twist to where she wants to get. She grabbed a letter while my back was turned.
Day 78 – Testing out a Munchkin teether she was sent.
Day 79 – A sneaky hand now often pops out to grab whats on the bedside table. Had to remove everything within reaching distance!
Day 80 – Fairground fun. It was cold but had to keep the eldest happy! Little Bee didn’t seem to impressed and just fell asleep in her pushchair.
Day 81 – Big sis has found a novel way of keeping little sis happy – by putting the small laundry basket over her! Bee thought it was extremely hilarious.
Day 82 – The dreaded snow is back! It was snowing pretty much all day. It needs to go away now and make way for spring weather!
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