Planting seeds – Gardening fun

So a few weeks ago I was pretty optimistic that the snow had finally decided to go away. I dragged hubby to the local B and Q to get some compost in preparation for some serious gardening. 

I just couldn’t resist the cute duck watering can for munchkin and some sweet william plants.
Munchkin came home from school and was excited to see the watering can and the plants. But the following day the snow flurries were back so everything was again put on hold.
However, this week I was determined to sow the tomato seeds as they would be kept indoors anyway until they are established. I normally grow tomato plants for my parents and have usually got them going by now. So myself and munchkin ventured out into the cold garden to get planting on Wednesday.
While I was planting the tomatoes I decided to do some pepper plants too; I had the seeds left over from last year. 
I filled some little pots I had with compost, made a small hole and munchkin added the seed and covered it up. We watered them slightly and then what I usually do, and it alway seem to work, is cover each pot individually with cling film. I’ve personally found this helps them to germinate quickly and had an excellent success rate.
We planted 10 tomato plants and 4 peppers. They are now temporarily living in my kitchen on top of the fridge. My kitchen is south facing and ends up like a sauna when we get some sun, so has the greenhouse effect! So the plants generally do well.
Can’t wait for the seedlings to pop out…. But  now we have the constant question ‘Have they grown yet?’


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