We finally went to baby group!

So today we ventured out into the scary world of baby groups, where kids run around shouting, mums have their little groups which you find impossible to become part of, and messy play makes me nervous.
But I decided it was time for Bee to socialise..not that its a problem, shes a pretty friendly child already. I have been saying for months how I need to take her….and today I gave myself the kick up the backside I needed and went.
And it wasn’t bad.
One of the group leaders recognised me! After about 4 years!! 
Am I that memorable?! 
She even remembered Munchkin and how I was having problems with her when she temporarily went to a childminders.
Wow what a memory!
Seeing someone I knew put me at ease and I started to relax.
There were no such issues with Bee. She initially looked a bit shell shocked but then off she went. She couldn’t care less where I was.

The group was fun for kids. Bee was the youngest there but it didn’t seem to phase her. There was 30 minutes of free play, then some snacks and then 30 mins of singing.
She got involved and was shouting away at everyone. She was happy to sit with the others during snack time and munched away on grapes and bananas. However, she wasn’t quite sure about the singing but when the bubble machine came out she screamed in glee.
I must admit, I hardly knew any of the songs!! I’m not big on singing so I only know the basics such as the original Twinkle Twinkle Little Star etc.
Bee is SO different to Munchkin. Munchkin was a nervous, shy child who would cry when someone gave her attention. Bee however, was smiling away mashAllah and babbling away to anyone who spoke to her. During snack time I thought she may make another child cry as she grabbed her leg. Ooops.
Well seeing as Bee enjoyed it so much, I guess we will be venturing out more to all the different groups. I even managed to chat to a few friendly mums so got some adult conversation! It will be good to get to know them better.
A win win all around.
The only negative is that I wish the toys were a bit cleaner. The mat she is sitting on in the picture above was filthy and could do with a wash. Some of the toys looked abit battered and as Bee is at that stage where EVERYTHING goes in her mouth, I did worry abit. 


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  • Oooh well done! I always found baby groups a bit of a minefield, once I had found one both T and I liked, the competitive mothers came along or the balance changed… They can be quite scary. Sorry I haven't "popped in" for ages, I've been so busy but glad to read you're well.

  • Awww thats super! I wish we had something like that here.. I found one playgrp in Abuja where we will b moving but I expect they r all non muslims n im afraid they will think Im weird!

  • Good job Foz! Kids groups are great. It's a good time for kids to play with other children and for mums to exchange on multiple subjects. The only thing that is hard for me (mister pop had his first group today!!) is that some mums seem to be in competition all the time.

    Stay well.xx

  • I wish I could get this to work myself! I have tried going to these numerous times but it's so difficult! It sounds like yours may have been a bit better organized, usually they have these at play places where there may be some people from the group and other people who are just there, and I never know who anybody is :P. My son enjoys, he likes to run around and play (cleanliness is also an issue at the places I've been to though… ) but it's really awkward for me. Usually the other moms sit around and make small talk while the kids play. I guess I've always found it easier to just play with the kids lol so this dynamic is hard to get into. I keep trying though, I feel like I need to make some "mommy friends" and so he has friends who are their children outside of daycare, but it does not go well and I've been trying since his birth! (Now he's 4!).