Baking with kids: Cake pops

I’m pretty bad with doing the whole cooking/baking with kids. I’m not a fan of cooking as it is, so nothing is going to make me go in the kitchen unless I have to cook the main meal. I would try to avoid that to, but we must eat!
But sometime ago I was inspired to make cake pops. And that is only because I saw a post by a fellow blogger about a cake pop machine. (I’m sorry baby brain has made me forget who you are but if you see this, let me know and I will link back to you!)
So a few months ago I purchased the cake pop maker from Lakeland and we had a go. (Yes I know I’m pretty late in writing up about it!)
What made me try it out was that it looks relatively simple. You just put the mixture in the machine (you also get a recipe booklet with it) and voila, after a few minutes you have cake pops. In all honesty I couldn’t be bothered with doing it the long way round, bake the cake, crumble it up and then put it back together. I bake a cake, and I eat it immediately!
Then came the job of decorating them. We had some white chocolate in the house, some Smartie like sweets we had got from Pakistan, and some Hotel Chocolat chocolate.
So we decided to melt the white chocolate, dip the cake pops into the chocolate, sprinkle with grated Hotel Chocolat chocolate and add on the sweets.
And here are our finished cake pops.


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