Skinny baby does not mean an unhealthy baby!

One of the things that really annoys me about Asians (and I’m speaking about the Pakistani community here that I know) is that they feel they can comment on just about anything to do with your life. 

More recently the comment that bugs me is that Bee isn’t ‘Fat’. So obviously, because she isn’t fat she isn’t healthy.

I had this with Munchkin too. Munchkin was a relatively small baby but she was healthy. A friend of the family had a girl 2 days after Munchkin. Her kid was chubby and when she saw Munchkin her comment was that ‘oh I was worried about  my daughter but after seeing yours I’m happier she is ok’.

As if my daughter was a weak, sick kid.

Out of respect for her mother in law who was my mums friend I kept my mouth shut, when I was itching to slap her.

Now I’m getting the same comments with Bee.

Does noone think that my girls take after me? I was a stick, literally, until after I gave birth.

My diet at uni consisted of chocolate, take aways and more chocolate. And I never put on weight.

I’m tired of being made to feel as though I’m not feeding my child properly; that she must be a weak thing.

Well if she was unhealthy and weak would she have crawled at 6.5 months?

Would she be standing at 8 months and already trying to take steps?!

No I don’t think so

And you know what? I prefer my kids not to be chubby anyway. 

So shut up!

Now does this girl look unhealthy?!

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