Project 365 – Days 153 to 159

Day 153 – Went to Hunstanton Beach for the day.
Day 154 – Munchkin’s birthday. Don’t celebrate birthdays in a big way, but any excuse for cake!
Day 155 – Had bought Munchkin some roller skates so she had a practice after school.
Day 156 – My birthday! Flowers from hubby.
Day 157 – Munchkin decided to cut her fringe. The fringe could not be saved, we have to wait for it to grow. But as we were thinking to cut her hair short we took the plunge. She looks so different.
Day 158 – Chilling at nans house.
Day 159 – Forgot to take a picture…but did take one of popcorn so here it is.
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  • why is it at some point all little girls trim their own fringes, sometimes more than once? What a beautiful cake, all pink and flowery. Happy belated birthday to both of you.

  • Happy Birthday to the both of you!! Your girl has a very lovely name. It sounds like a very eventful week in your house, hope her hair is now ok 🙂