Review: Corolle, Lili Pink Happiness doll

Bee was very lucky to be recently sent a doll from DKL toys. The Doll is called Lili Pink Happiness and is from the Babi Corolle Series.

Isn’t she simply adorable?
Bee loves new things already and as soon as she saw the doll she clapped in glee and was keen to get her out. She tried to sit on the box in an enthusiastic attempt to get her out but obviously that didn’t work, so I had to give her a bit of help.
As soon as the doll was out, she grabbed her and started investigating. The doll did get thrown about a bit, but that was more out of happiness I guess! The fact that the doll is so soft and light, made it easy for Bee to handle her.
Lili Pink Happiness Doll is suitable from birth and she is made from soft fabrics. What I love is that the fabric is machine washable so I don’t have to worry about sticky fingers getting on her and then struggling to clean her. I love the soft colours and the gentle expression on her face (have you noticed how some dolls are scary looking – or is that just me?) She has an embroidered face so you don’t have to worry about eyes etc being picked off! My only minor criticism is that the skirt could be attached more securely, it just seems to have a couple of stitches on it. However, even if Bee does manage to pull it apart it won’t do any harm. 
Bee seems to love her – well I am assuming her throwing the doll around shows she likes her. And the doll regularly goes on our daily visits to my mums house, here she is in their garden with Bee.
I must admit I have never been into dolls myself. The only dolls munchkin ever had were those given as gifts. This is the first time I have come across the Corolle dolls and if I was to buy any dolls in the future for Bee, I would definitely look into getting another Corolle doll.
Disclaimer: I was sent a free doll for the purposes of review; all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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