New look blog, new blogging platform – Overblog

So who's noticed?!


Well you should have by now!


The blog is looking different. Now it is not just a new look, but a complete new blogging platform.


Those that know me, know I get itchy feet quite quickly, so to speak. I get bored and often fancy a change. I was getting bored and annoyed with all the pinky overly girlish tones on my last look and had been contemplating a change for a while. But life has just gotten busy with the arrival of Bee, so the blog was shoved to the bottom of my priorities.


I was then contacted about Overblog. I must admit I initially ignored the email; I was busy and just thought it was some kind of spam email! But then I noticed a fellow blogger had made the change so decided to look into it further seeing as I was checking out other blogging platforms anyway.


After abit of research, and chatting to my friend who lives in France and who confirmed Overblog is popular there, I decided to take the plunge. The bonus was that all the changes would be done by them and I could just sit back, put my feet up and continue to eat chocolate.


So what is Overblog?


'OverBlog is Europe’s leading blog platform, used by 35 million users and part of the famous ebuzzing group. We are proud to offer you a new and powerful blogging version, that includes a social hub which aggregates all your social medias, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. into a one-stop destination page: your blog, a wide range of design, revenue sharing, smartphone apps and a multi-user system'.


Sounds great doesn't it?


It is so easy to connect all your social media to the social hub.


New look blog, new blogging platform - Overblog


I have now been with Overblog for a few weeks.


It is easy to write posts as it is all done in sections and as a result it is easy to pick up and know what you are doing.


I must admit I did not like the mobile version so I switched it off. My blog posts were getting lost in the midst of my Facebook and Instagram pictures and to me it just all looked messy. Which is why I did not connect my Twitter account as I tweet nonsense pretty much throughout the day when I am bored. The other thing I am not sure about is all the FB status's and Instagram pictures are added to the archives, so again all your blog posts get lost; but then this is the point of Overblog, it integrates all your social media in one place.



Since joining Overblog, they have launched the Overblog reader, which makes it easier for me to follow blogs directly from my Overblog admin. If you are not blogging with Overblog, you can still follow my blog by subscribing via the bar at the bottom of the blog. It is a great way to follow and keep up to date with my blog, as I know I no longer show up on the previous platform's reader, so you may be missing out on my posts.


If you wish to learn more about Overblog and possibly make the switch yourself, then contact and mention that you learnt about Overblog via my blog. Matthieu will then offer 6 free months of Premium memebership for you and myself.


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  • This looks good and if it’s easier for you, it’s all good. Anyway I was happy when I saw you were still blogging and there was no major issue with you not being on my reading list.

    Hope you are all well.

    Take care. xxx

  • Salam, how has been your experience with overblog? I am considering starting an overbolg for my Muslim wedding dresses site , but not sure if it’s worth it. Thanks!