Project 365 – Days 181 to 187

Project 365 - Days 181 to 187

Day 181- My hubby told me at 9.30pm on Saturday that his friend was popping round from London on Sunday! I had been planning to rest up but spent most of the day cooking!

Day 182 – Bee had her first ride

Day 183 – Rosie sat on my scarf and wouldn't give it back!

Day 184 – The box is mine!

Day 185 – Went to baby group and Bee had her first experience of sand. She wanted to put it straight into her mouth!

Project 365 - Days 181 to 187

Day 186 – Just had to capture a picture of this bumble bee in the garden!

Day 187 – With Ramadan a few days away we got the crafty stuff out to make a Ramadan calendar. It's not finished yet…

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