Worried about Ramadan

Worried about Ramadan

Ramadan is an important month, a month to fast and increase your worship, to ask forgiveness, to learn humility and patience.

Muslim's look forward to Ramadan, are sad when it leaves.

But this year I am worried. And then I feel guilty for feeling anxious.

Bee has gotten to a clingy stage….a VERY clingy stage. She constantly whines, and if I am out of sight for even just a second she screams as if she is being battered (what must my neighbours think?!)

As a result I can do absolutely nothing until she goes to sleep. And with my hubby out of the house from 7am to 8/9pm I am left feeling tired, upset and practically on the verge of tears.

I can't eat, bath, change in peace.

I already feel like a wreck, and often feel dizzy.

How am I going to cope with all this and in addition fast for up to 19 hours?

I keep reminding myself that there are people out there in worse off situations but I can't help but feel anxious.

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  • I imagine this situation is tough on you dear. Knowing some people go through more difficult times does not help much.

    Your situation is not easy, may God make Ramadan easy for you. Take care.

  • I totally, totally understand as I am feeling exactly the same. Baby A is very clingy at the moment and Boy Z is also quite demanding so I am very anxious as to how things will be. What I keep telling myself is that we are never given more than we can cope with and inshallah we will be fine and will be rewarded for our extra struggles whilst fasting.

    Ramadan kareem my love xxx

  • I’m glad it’s not just me feeling this way! Very true…. in sha Allah we will be rewarded. Hope your ramadan goes well x