Cherish these precious moments

That's all I hear from fellow mums and even non mums.


Treasure these moments, they grow up so quick.


Yes I know that…..and I've treasured lots of moments.


Now I just want Bee to grow up.


Munchkin, when little, pretty much sat where you put her. Bee couldn't be any different! She's on the go non stop and the only rest she has is when she is asleep.


And she's a climber.

Cherish these precious moments

It's beginning to drive me crazy!


What's worse is when she can't conquer climbing a particular object she throws a mini tantrum.


Tantrums at 11 months?!


Help!! What is she going to be like when she hits the terrible 2's?!


It gets to the point where it is physically draining. I can't keep my back turned, not even for a minute. If we so much as get up off the sofa, she is there like a shot, climbing and then jumping on it.


Is it really bad of me wishing she would grow up so that she is a bit more independent and I can have part of my life back? Am I abnormal because I am not getting sad that she is growing up?


Oh I say all the 'right' things to people who want to hear it.


'Oh she's growing up so fast!'


'Yes we must treasure these moments as soon they will be gone'.


'It's so sad that she's growing up so fast.'


But in my heart I'm thinking I just want her to grow up now.


So does this also mean I'm a terrible mum for thinking this? As I've not heard any of my other friends say it. It's pretty sad to say that I live for the moment she goes to sleep during the day so I can get some housework/cooking done. Blogging is taking a total backseat, I am only able to write this in peace as she is still asleep.



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