Say ‘Thanks’ to your husband. Or your marriage will fail

Now that I am a lady of 'leisure', after cooking, cleaning, wiping snot and cleaning dirty nappies, feeding/cleaning the rabbit and cat, dealing with tantrums, I chill on Facebook and Twitter.


I recently joined groups on FB which are specifically for muslim mums. And frankly am totally surprised my husband hasn't left me and my kids don't hate me after reading how perfect most of these mums are and how wrong I am doing things.


My feelings of inadequacies are increasing. I'm not a fantastic cook as most of these mums seem to be, nor am I an overly crafty mum that spends all my time making things with the kids.


In all honesty, when reading some of the comments I would literally spit out my tea (if I was drinking tea and was actually a tea drinker).


Now recently the comment that made me laugh was pretty much indicating that if you don't say thanks to each other for the things you do, your marriage will pretty much fail.


I have been married for 8 years. I haven't said thanks to my hubby and he doesn't say it to me. But we appreciate what each of us does and we are still going on strong.


So excuse me if I don't fall at my husbands feet every time he does something for the kids. Aren't they his kids? Did he have nothing to do with making them?!  Do I really need to thank him for holding Bee while I go to the toilet or have a bath? Or for changing a nappy/bathing her (not that he does).


Does he really have to come home and say to me 'Thanks for not sitting on your lazy backside all day and actually cooking and cleaning for me?'


Do I really have to say thank you to him on the rare occasion he actually cooks?


Now don't get me wrong, if he rocked up with a brand new BMW as a present for me later on today I would totally thank him in more ways than one. But for little things like taking the girls for a walk while I get some housework done, or rest if its all done, I don't see why I should.


Or maybe today I should dress up all pretty and when he walks through the door I immediately say in my softest voice, 'Thank you darling husband for going out to work so that we have a roof over our heads.'


Yeah as if!


Murree in Pakistan, where we went after our wedding

Murree in Pakistan, where we went after our wedding

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